Welcome to our learning centre for all things pertaining to the growing of plants. Whether you are new to gardening, or an experienced pro, we hope that you will find the information provided here useful and effective.

Gardening can be a lot of fun, but when something doesn't go as expected, it can turn to frustration quickly. Things don't always go as planned - even for the most experienced. Relax and take a deep breath. We can work this out together, as a community.

The information provided on this website are suggestions only. There is no perfect system for growing plant life. Many with a green-thumb will have different techniques and opinions that can be of great help, but they too are only suggestions, and should be regarded as such. You will discover through your journey what works, and what doesn't. And with that being said;

Let's grow!


Gardening Basics

Welcome to the world of gardening! Discover the basics of what you need to know about soil, lighting, plant food, and ongoing maintenance for your garden.

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Expanded Knowledge

Expanding on the knowledge gained from the basics, we will delve into how to manage optimal plant growth from seed-to-harvest.

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Just when we thought we understood it all, we immerse ourselves in a different atmosphere by growing with soilless medias and understanding how to maintain a balanced ecosystem.

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